GX: What do you enjoy most about being on tour?
Bled: The best part of being on the road is seeing tons of new places. New people, new culture, and just getting out of Tucson every now and then is pretty nice.

GX: What do you guys usually do to kill time when you’re on the road?
Bled: We listen to records, drink beer, make fun of each other, and eat shitty fast food. We also like to complain a lot about the shitty records we each listen to, the shitty beer we get on our rider, the shitty pranks we play on each other, and the shitty feeling the shitty fast food gives us.

GX: What’s the wildest thing you've seen or done on this tour?
Bled: This tour, being the international Taste of Chaos tour, is a little different because we're kind of out of our normal, stately environment. The wildest thing we've done is completely drink every ounce of alcohol in a bar in Auckland, New Zealand between tour stops. They made the mistake of giving us an open bar, and sadly, nobody remembers what happened after that. As for the wildest thing we've seen, that has got to be 2girls1cup.com.  It will seriously ruin your life. Please don't go to it. I'm not saying that to edge you on—seriously, just don't do it. You should actually omit that part because it's pretty fucked up.

(Naturally, The Grixer went to the site, and we highly recommend that you heed the warning above. It is possibly the worst thing we’ve ever seen, even worse than the Fall Out Boy show we went to.)

GX: How have crowds responded to the new material from Silent Treatment?
Bled: We haven't played too many of our own shows in support of the new album yet. We've been overseas with the Taste of Chaos tour, and before that, we're doing a little run in the States supporting The Used. So I have no idea what the shows will be like when we actually headline. But there’s been a great response from those who have heard it; our goal now is to get it into more hands and see what happens.

GX: What’s the one thing each of you has at any given moment on tour?
Bled: As cliché as it is, we carry our iPods at all times. Those things plus headphones can temporarily make the sometimes-annoying world around you disappear for a little while.

GX: What’s the best thing about your tour bus?
Bled: Oh, you mean the van? The best thing is that it works!

GX: What’s the worst thing about your tour bus?
Bled: That it doesn't exist.

GX: Do you guys have a pre-show routine?
Bled: We usually just make sure we're not going to be soiling ourselves onstage and that we're well-stretched so we don't end up in wheelchairs before our time.

GX: What’s the oddest item you’ve been given during a show?
Bled: I don't know. Fans don't really give us stuff. But you know those fake nudes James took to mock Pete Wentz’s Sidekick mishap? It was always funny when people would print ‘em out and bring ‘em to get autographed.

GX: What’s your best piece of advice for a language-challenged American in a non-English-speaking country?
Bled: Keep your mouth shut. Something you say might mean something that’ll get you into a lot of trouble! Luckily for us, promoters and fans usually have at least a small English vocabulary, so we’re able to communicate.

GX: What albums are you guys listening to right now?
Bled: Lately I have been listening to:
Radiohead - "In Rainbows"
Maps and Atlases - "Tree, Swallows, Houses"
Karate - "Unsolved"
Gallows - "Orchestra of Wolves"
Sparta - "Threes"

GX: Who’s your favorite act to tour with?
Bled: It's impossible to pick just one. We've been blessed to tour with some incredible musicians and people. I'd rather not leave anyone out. There have been a few really bad bands we've toured with, though... and they'll remain nameless, too.

GX: You guys are known for your fierce and energetic live show. What do you do to maintain your stage vigor on a nightly basis?
Bled: Seriously, stretching helps. Drinking a lot of water keeps us hydrated, although in some cases water is actually whiskey or beer.

GX: How does James maintain his voice for the brand of screaming/singing that he has become popular for? 
Bled: Maintain his voice? Popular? Is that a joke? Just kidding. He regularly drinks whiskey to burn any bacterial growths and whatnot which might hurt his ability to sing... if you call it that.

GX: Have you guys ever been star-struck by meeting a musician or celebrity on the road?
Bled: Not yet. Most of the musicians that I would be star-struck to meet are already dead. Not only that, it's pretty dumb to hold anyone on a pedestal. Everyone is human. Well, unless they're secretly hiding something, and in that case, I would want to meet that person.

GX: Having a healthy fan base and receiving much attention from the ladies, how do you deal with groupies and super fans?
Bled: We honestly don't have to deal with that sort of thing yet. Groupies are definitely a thing of the past, and if someone were a super fan of our band, they would know that we're just regular-ass dudes.

GX: What’s been the most rewarding part of your current tour?
Bled: Getting to travel all over the world with a bunch of great bands (not to mention great friends). It's almost like a senior class trip with no RA's.

GX: Who are the top three bands you’d tour with if you could?
Bled: For me personally, and as far as heavy bands go, I would’ve loved to do a Refused, Cave In, and Botch tour. I mean, all of those bands are broken up now, and if we toured with them we would probably be booed, because if it weren't for those bands, The Bled would probably never exist.
(Many bravos from The Grixer on that response)

GX: What has been the most borderline gay moment of the tour?
Bled: There have been a few, but this photograph should explain it all. It’s a certain type of ice cream you can get in Australia that we thoroughly enjoyed. 

GX: What is your liquor of choice on the road?
Bled: Me (Simoes), I'm a beer snob; Ross, however, is a whiskey aficionado. The rest of the boys pretty much drink whatever we get our hands on.  

GX: What is your drinking game of choice on the road?
Bled: It depends on the materials. Beer pong is great. James is a beer bong advocate. Kings can be fun, too. Damn, we might as well start a The Bled fraternity! (The Grixer has already pledged—skipping, of course, the dreaded elephant walk.)

GX: What is your best advice for a band on their first tour?
Bled: Expect it to be shitty. Every band has to work their way up from some garage or living-room practice space, or playing shows at Ronnie's Coffee Shop. Things will get better over time if you're persistent and honest with what you're doing. Don't get ahead of yourselves.

You can catch The Bled on the final stretch of their international tour at THESE STOPS

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