t’s just another glorious day in San Diego—tourists flock to the beaches to admire the gorgeous weather, the freeways are snarled, and surfers wait to catch the perfect wave. Today, however, year-round tour-bus resident and Saosin frontman Cove Reber is at home, in his own bed, only eight miles from the ocean. He’s refreshed and happy to be there, psyched that his guitarist had called to tell him about a new song idea he couldn’t wait to share. Yeah, it was going to be another beautiful San Diego day.

Barely five years after their first show—and four years after Cove joined as lead singer—a smashing self-titled debut and a recent live DVD/CD, Come Close (Capitol, 2008), have pushed the SoCal five-piece to a new level of fame. A world of fans now anxiously awaits the sophomore effort by their heroes, who have become live favorites, screamo icons, and Myspace megastars—11 million views and counting, all—on the strength of high-profile shows and heaps of critical praise. 

Despite being a tour and interview veteran, however, Reber still lights up like a kid with his first PlayStation when he thinks of his band. As relaxed as he is, he’s hungry, confident, and not shy about it—the 22-year-old answers our questions enthusiastically and without much thought, filling the phone with enough volume to deafen innocent bystanders.

        Things are on the rise for the SoCal five-piece and excitement is in the air. It’s a good day to be in Saosin, and it’s a good day to be talking to Cove Reber.

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